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Tutorial: Making guns with sintra

In this tutorial, I will introduce you to a relatively easy method on making pretty realistic looking, lightweight guns for your cosplay without the use of expensive tools or materials!





A blade is a blade is a blade…. and expanding foam is really hazardous and nasty stuff. Read instructions on the materials, safety first etc. I wont comfort your mourning relatives if you fuck this up hard enough to kill yourself while trying to follow the tutorial and I will not be held responsible for any damage to your live, health, pets or children.

Step 1: Create your pattern

In order to create a pattern, we need an image that shows the gun we strive to make from the side. The image is opened in photoshop and resized, so the proportions fit those the gun shall have in real life!

If the gun is as huge as Ebony&Ivory, one A4 image would be too small to print the full gun, so I cut the image to fit two A4 images, printed them and glued the two images together. Now all I had to do was to cut it out, put it on the sintra, outline it and there was the center piece of my gun!

Step 2: Cut out Sintra

Now we will definitely need more than just this layer, right? And you can already see that I put one more piece of Sintra onto the gun.

To get the shape of the following layers, you have to cut the pattern. Parts are cut off and the shape for the next layer is done, for the next layer, the pattern might have to be cut apart etc…

This is what my pattern for Ebony looked like when I was done- I made Ivory first, so I knew exactly how many parts I needed to achieve the right  thickness. (You might have to use trial & error at first)

This is the sheet with all the parts for Ebony. Duuueed…

Step 3: Assemble & Glue

Now that the various parts are cut out and you have an aching wrist for the rest of your week, you group the pieces together and glue them together.

Now, you can cut off and sand protruding edges or edges that are supposed to be more blunt.

Step 4: Fill small gaps

Of course, there will be some small gaps left that still tell that the components were not molded from one piece. To counter that, we use filler and spackle it onto the sides.

After the filler is dried, you have to sand the whole thing again, to have it as smooth as possible!

Step 5: Put your gun together

Now you can glue the various parts together! Mind that you might have to fill the gaps between those parts as well or sand some edges to look more like the original design!

Step 6: Spraypaint the main part

I wrapped the handle in tinfoil cause we’re not finished with it yet…. the other part of the gun must be fat and dust free for the paint and primer to stick to it properly

(first a layer of plastic primer!!)

Step 7: Handle the handle (i should stop making this joke)

Since Ebony & Ivory have more plastic than flat handles, I made them from fimo and glued them on. The space inbetween was filled with expanding foam (be careful with that), that will be put into shape with a dremel, once it’s dried. A coat of filler makes it durable.

Part 8: Polish the result

Now it’s only the small things left to do: Paint the handle and smaller details of another color. Drill holes and add the decorative screws. Drill the muzzle with the dremel (very careful!!) and maybe add fancy portraits like those for Ebony & Ivory ;)

Part 9: Enjoy GUN!!

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