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Tutorial: Cozy + super-easy to make binder for your crossplay

There is a huge variety of binding methods. This however, has proven to be the most comfortable, cheapest and easiest for me.

What you need:

A pair of body-shaping granny-panties (compression shorts??)

A pair of scissors

A sewing machine


Costs: 14€ for granypants

Time needed: ~10 mins

Step 1: Meet the grannypants

Here they are- in all their glory. The ones you should buy should be various sizes over your regular size to not sit too tight (I usually wear a 34/36 and bought a size 40/42)

Step 2: Make the ‘body’

You simply cut off the pants-part and take the belly-part…

…to try it on. Sweet.

Step 3: Suspenders

Paint on where you want your suspenders to go. In the front and in the back.

That’s the discarded bottom of our dear grannypants. Cut off the seams. We need them.

Very sweet! Now cut once more to get your suspenders.

Sew onto the marks you made on the backside of the body part, using a stretch-stitch. (That gross orange stuff is actually chalk, no need to worry)

Try on again and see how long the suspenders need to be. Fix, sew, cut off protruding fabric.

Step 5: Wear it

Now there is the inevitable soft-porn you were all waiting for, right? j/k. This is to demonstrate the flattening effects of the binder.

Stage 1: Bra (regular Cup B if you wanna know)

Stage 2: The new binder as worn beneath wide shirts or armor

Stage 3: For an even more flattening effect, you can double the effect by simply folding it over another time

Some advice:

I don’t know whether this will work for larger sizes as well! I only have this pair of boobies, guys.

Also please note that I am just wearing this for crossplay, which means, hardly 4 weekends a year. If you bind on a daily basis, I would suggest you to get a professional binder instead!

If you feel uncomfortable at any point or find it hard to breath in it, your binder is too tight and you are putting your health at risk which is stupid and you should just take it off, ok?

When you take on the binder, pull it all the way down, then back up so the tissue is pushed upwards not pressing downwards.

Also: English is not my mothertongue as you can clearly see… sorry about the uncountable mistakes!!

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